App2DMG Recently, I found myself having to archive a bunch of Wineskin games that I created. I considered several approaches, from rsync to tar to archiving using zip/7zip. I ultimately decided to create DMG files to archive these games. Wanting to also include an alias to the /Applications folder, I created a script to automate this. Requirements The following binaries are used within the script: hdiutil defaults rsync ln hdiutil command macOS includes the hdiutil utility, which allows managing/creating disk images from the command line.

Python Web Scraping with lxml

Required Modules lxml, cssselect If lxml and cssselect are not already installed, run the following command from a terminal: pip install lxml cssselect --user The “–user” switch will install the modules in the user context, instead of globally, and won’t require “sudo”. For this post, I’ll be using the MacUpdate web site as the site to scrape, which is a curated site of Mac software. Imports We begin by defining the modules we’ll be using.